Diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes that occurs on the back of the eye. It may affect both the central retina and the peripheral retina.

Its symptoms:

  • Blurred vision, making reading difficult both from afar and close-up
  • Overall impairment of vision
  • Blindness


Central retina impairment

Treatments for eye impairments include improving glycaemic control and blood pressure, but may also involve laser, intravitreal injections or vitrectomy surgery.

Peripheral retina impairment

Treatment targeted specifically at neovascularization and its complications involves intravitreal injections and laser treatment of the retina (pan-retinal photocoagulation). Vitrectomy surgery is necessary when there is bleeding in the vitreous humour (the fluid inside the eye) or in the case of a detached retina that make it impossible to use laser treatments.

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